Pickle ball


A favourite of young and old and everyone in between, pickleball is a fun game which allows for a lower impact activity than more traditional racket sports.  If you add in the added cushioning of our Lynx™ sports tiles, and you can reduce player fatigue and strain on muscles and joints.  Pickleball courts are more compact than tennis courts and can easily be added to even a moderate-sized backyard.

10 Year warranty

Your investment will pay you back with season after season of performance and fun

Superior Safety

Have the peace of mind knowing that our courts offer industry-leading impact protection in case of an accidental fall during play

North America Wide Shipping

We can deliver everything you need for your performance court across USA and Canada.

Court is in session

A backyard court is a great place to have family fun or to hone your game in hopes of one day performing at the highest level.  Our courts offer high performance, superior durability, and reduce the impact on players muscles and joints.

Let us help you design and price your very own custom pickleball court.