ABOUT 360 Courts

360 Courts brings to the market products designed for the love of the game. Technology and quality brings to life a wide variety of possibilities. 360 Courts stands by producing quality products with simple installation. Our 360 team members are here to support your vision and product support for fast and easy purchasing to get your game on.

Our Products Are Great For a variety of Applications


Rebound and traction control make for consistent ball control and foot support. Multiple Court designs for small or large court systems.


Lynx Series provides excellent foot control and consistent ball impact.


Lynx Series provides great foot traction and allow for
consistent puck or ball handling.


Lynx Series provide excellent foot control and
consistent ball impact.


Rebound and traction control make for fast and consistent play. Great for speed training. and futsal style games.


Versatile for almost all sports surfacing allows for almost every sport to be enjoyed with performance.

Playground, Balcony, and Patio surfaces

Lynx Series tiles are a wonderful easy surface to build tracks and play areas for play areas.


Lynx series provides excellent traction and smooth motion of shuffleboard pucks.


Indoor or outdoor, 360 courts tiles let you play at your best, maximizing performance and minimizing the chance of injury.